negative pressure pulse bag filter dust collector for diversified wood products company



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negative pressure pulse bag filter dust collector for diversified wood products company

2019/03/23 10:18
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South Fasters is a diversified wood products company that operates 40 mills across Western Canada and the southern United States. South Fasters Company originally had 2 sets of positive pressure dust removal system. The dust collector  system has potential safety hazards and cannot be rectified by the inspection and acceptance department. The main types of dust are wood cutting, planing, sanding dust, physics according to dust. The nature and materials provided by the construction unit are evaluated in a comprehensive environmental economy, taking into account factors such as its effects and costs. This solution uses a negative pressure pulse bag filter to process   

The negative pressure pulse bag filter  advantages:

1) Since the pulse bag filter is installed in front of the fan, the dust concentration of the gas is greatly reduced, the wear level of the fan is significantly reduced, and the operating life is increased. Therefore, the negative pressure dust removal system can handle the dust with high initial concentration. gas.


2) The fan is at the end of the dust collector to prevent the metal in the wood from directly sucking into the fan through the pipe, and blowing the spark that rubs against the blade into the bag filter, resulting in a safety hazard.

Design principles for explosion-proof dust collector  system:

1. The wind speed of the main air duct of the dust collector of the wood processing system should be greater than 23m/s, and there should be no dust exceeding 1mm in the air duct.

2. The design of the suction hood is reasonable and the suction speed is designed to be good. The dust collection effect is obtained with a small air discharge volume. If the operation is not affected, the closed or semi-closed vacuum hood is used, and the vacuum hood is half. Closed, vacuumed on the lower side, the cross-section wind speed of the suction hood is 2m/s, and the standard requirement is greater than 1m/s.

3, pipe diameter and layout requires all pipelines to be uniformly arranged, as little space as possible, and strive to be simple, compact, smooth, beautiful, and easy to install, operate and overhaul. The inspection port is installed at the elbow, and a quick inspection port is 6 meters straight. The principle of minimum investment and operation cost of the pipeline system is ensured under the premise of ensuring the use effect;

4. The pipe should be made of conductive material that does not produce sparks and must not be used with non-conductor lining.

5. The pipe should be equipotentially connected and grounded. Conveying pipes installed in open air or in a humid environment shall prevent moisture from entering;

6. Dust removal should adopt safe and efficient dust removal method;

7. The entire dust removal system should maintain good electrical connection and reliable grounding;

8. The pressure sensor is installed at the air inlet of the dust collector;

9. The manual wind speed detection port is set at the front end of the main pipeline of the dust removal system, and the pipeline wind speed is regularly checked whether the pipeline wind speed is greater than 20m/s working condition;

10. Install a quick inspection port at the turning point of the main pipe of the vacuum cleaner;