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Botou Ever Lucky Environmental Protection Machinery Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Ever Lucky Machinery) is an professional manufacturer of environmental machinery 

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Live bottom silo

  • Commodity name: Live bottom silo
  • Commodity ID: 1149765364330680320
  • High quality live bottom silo with multi screw conveyor

    Product Description

    Live Bin Bottoms (Multiple Screw Feeders) are equipped with a modular trough which encloses up to 6 shafted helicoid flight or
    paddle screws, externally flanged, fully protected end bearing assemblies complete with manually adjustable packing gland and
    shaft seal, a rectangular outlet spout covering the entire width of the bin bottom, bolted end plates, splined shaft couplings for
    medium heavy-duty, and flanged shaft couplings for the heavy-duty version.
    Furthermore,  Live Bin Bottoms are equipped with one gear motor per screw shaft or, depending on the application, with a drive
    unit driving more screws.


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