Analysis of the Causes of Damage to the Blade of Screw Conveyor



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Analysis of the Causes of Damage to the Blade of Screw Conveyor

2019/07/07 10:16
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The main wear parts of screw conveyor are screw blade, hanging bearing and screw end. In addition to environment, temperature, material and other natural factors, the structural factors and human factors of screw conveyor components determine the wear degree and wear form of screw conveyor. I will analyze the causes of damage to the screw conveyor blades in below.

The screw conveyor has strong winding resistance. Because of the center of each axis, it has great advantages in transporting some easily winded materials. It is often used in domestic waste, organic plant transportation and so on. But during working, the damage of blades is often happened.

The screw conveyor is not easy to cause blockage and the discharge outlet is not blocked, so it can run at a lower speed, drive smoothly and reduce energy consumption. Torsion can be 4000N/m. The conveying capacity is 1.5 times larger than that of the axle screw conveyor. The material without axle can move forward through the center hole. The conveying distance of screw conveyor is long. The length of single conveyor can reach 60 meters. And according to the needs of users, multi-stage series installation can be used to transport materials over a long distance.

The screw conveyor is strong and durable. The thickness of its screw shaft should be increased to ensure that it will not be broken during operation. The thick screw sheet will be more wear-resistant and durable. It is suitable for mixtures transportation. The blade wear of screw conveyor is different from that of common contact wear, that is, the blade wear of screw conveyor mainly distributes at the edge of blade, and the farther away from the inner edge of impeller, the worse the wear is. When conveying material by screw conveyor, the force acting on the blade is equivalent to the variable load acting on the cantilever beam of the conveyor with equal cross-section. The farther away from the transmission shaft, the greater the force acting on the blade, the larger the deformation, the more the number of cracks caused by voids, thus the greater the wear on the blade, so the wear on the outer edge is far greater than that on the inner edge. The wear of the impeller at the outlet of the screw conveyor is greater than that at the inlet, which indicates that the impact sliding friction force of the material on the impeller at the outlet of the screw conveyor is greater, and the axial force on the impeller near the outlet is larger, so the wear degree of the impeller at the outlet is more serious than that at the inlet.

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